Study - r99 Wine
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Wine Courses for Enthusiasts and Professionals

Wine Courses for Enthusiasts and Professionals

R99 Wine Appreciation Course (online)

This online wine appreciation course is aimed at wine enthusiasts who want to learn more about wine from an international perspective, and aspiring wine professionals looking for an easily accessible bridging course before enrolling for an internationally recognised WSET certificate. The course is divided in three levels, and advancement to the next level is conditional subject to passing an online quizz on the modules of each level. There is no time limit to complete the course.


PART 1 – Introduction to Wine

  • Grape varieties and their attributes
  • Where does it grow? – Viticulture
  • How is it made? – Winemaking/Oenology

PART 2 – Appreciating Wine

  • Different styles of wine
  • How to taste?
  • How to match with food?

PART 3 – Understanding Wines of the World

  • The Old World
  • The New World


R99 Wine Appreciation Bootcamp


Immerse yourself in the world of wine with a two day crash course presented by internationally qualified Weinakademiker Elizma. Aquire knowledge that will lay the foundation for you to become a true connoisseur of wine. Discover the origins and attributes of significant wines from the famous wine making regions of Europe in comparison with similar South African wines, and in the process learn to taste wine like a pro. Bootcamps are scheduled on request.



  • Major grape varieties and their attributes
  • Viticulture basics
  • Winemaking basics
  • Different styles of wine
  • Wine tasting


  • Food and wine matching
  • Wines of the Old World
  • Wines of the New World
  • Wine tasting


WSET Accredited Courses


WSET (the Wine and Spirits Education Trust) presents internationally accredited wine courses aimed at serious wine lovers and hospitality industry professionals who wish to learn about wines in a rigorous and structured manner and gain an internationally recognised wine qualification.

Elizma lectures WSET level 1, 2 and 3 courses for the International Wine Education Centre based in Cape Town.